NBA Referees Support “Long Court” View of Officiating

October 27, 2015 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) is implementing a program to staff the state-of-the-art NBA Replay Center with active NBA referees in the 2015-16 season. Though there have been comments questioning the necessity of this move, the National Basketball Referees Association (NBRA) believes it is the right direction.

According to NBRA General Counsel, Lee Seham, “We believe the Replay Center is an extension of the court and the officiating should be seamless from beginning to end.”

This “long court” view of officiating has many benefits for NBA fans, players, and referees.

  • Working in the Replay Center provides referees with a unique perspective that ultimately contributes to their ongoing professional development.
  • Active and experienced referees in the Replay Center will accelerate decision-making and promote better game flow.
  • Replay Center calls will vary in level of difficulty so when complicated issues arise the presence of active, professional referees is critical.
  • Consistent decision-making by professionals accustomed to working together and making high-pressure decisions in real time on both sides of the replay screen, facilitates high levels of integrity and a more seamless interpretation of on-court activity.

About the NBRA
Established in 1973, the National Basketball Referees Association represents the 61 active and 16 retired referees of the National Basketball Association. The referees of the NBA seek to advance the quality of sports officiating, athletics, and sportsmanship of professional basketball.