Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks | February 6, 2021 | Pump and Draw

We’ve received lots of questions about these types of “pump and draw” plays. The next series of tweets will explain the interpretation and how these plays are adjudicated during games.

First, let’s focus on the defender. Notice how Andrew leaves his feet and is moving towards Luka. Any time a defender leaves his feet and jumps from point A to point B TOWARDS a shooter, he is at risk of committing a foul. This type of movement by a defender is illegal. #NBRARuleSchool

Now let’s take a look at what Luka does. While Luka does clearly jump towards Andrew to ensure contact is made, it is not illegal for a shooter to jump directly towards the rim, as Luka is doing here. #NBRARuleSchool

With Andrew in an ILLEGAL position, and Luka using a LEGAL basketball move, when they make contact the onus is on the defender and the contact is correctly deemed a defensive foul. #NBRARuleSchool

Finally, Andrew getting a foot back to the floor does not absolve him of his illegal movement. His momentum is still taking him forward when the contact occurs, and this is still considered an illegal position by a defender. #NBRARuleSchool