NBA Referees Join the Conversation with Redesigned Website and Social Media Presence

Taking an active role in their public perception and voice, the National Basketball Referees Association (NBRA) announces the launch of its new communication strategy with support from marketing partners Commerce House. Typically, communication from National Basketball Association (NBA) referees has been restricted to intermediary channels and unable to match the speed of fast-paced digital conversations. NBA referees, a critical component of the game, want to change that and join the conversation.

This week, the NBRA unveils its new branding and a communication-focused website that not only features the latest news and commentary from NBA officials, but also offers basketball fans the opportunity to interact with NBA referees.

The NBRA is also now on multiple social media platforms, communicating in real time on trending topics related to professional basketball and officiating. In addition to increasing communication frequency and using social media channels to interact with basketball fans, the new strategy includes a redesigned logo and the dynamic, responsive website that serves as the hub for all NBA referee-related news. New rich content will be frequently added to the site, providing visitors with a previously unavailable glimpse into NBA officiating.

“We believe this approach and our partnership with Commerce House is in the best interest of the league,” said Lloyd Pierson, Executive Administrator of the NBRA. “Our new website and presence on social media is another opportunity for basketball fans to engage more deeply with the game and for us to share our passion for what we do.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for Commerce House because marketing referees has never been done before. However, once you appreciate the incredible skill it takes to accurately and effectively manage a fast-paced and aggressive game like professional basketball, you can’t have anything but the utmost respect for the people who make it happen every night,” said Mark Denesuk, Managing Principal of Commerce House.

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About the NBRA
Established in 1973, the National Basketball Referees Association represents the 63 active and 16 retired referees of the National Basketball Association. The referees of the NBA seek to advance the quality of sports officiating, athletics and sportsmanship of professional basketball.

About Commerce House
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