The National Basketball Referees Association to Assist Non-Profit “It’s From The Sole” in Shoe Donation to Homeless for Second Year


The NBRA and It’s From The Sole will collaborate for the second annual night of giving.

On Tuesday, December 18, 2018, members of the National Basketball Referees Association (NBRA) will donate gently used sneakers to It’s From The Sole (IFTS), to be distributed to the homeless community in New York and around the globe for the second year in a row. Last year, referees donated 143 pairs of sneakers that IFTS was able to distribute to the homeless community in four different countries.

IFTS has organized more than 25,000 shoe donations to the homeless community, both domestically and internationally. IFTS founder Andre McDonnell and longtime friend NBA referee Zach Zarba personally handed out sneakers donated by the NBRA to homeless individuals in New York City this summer. When asked about the collaboration between the NBRA and ITFS, McDonnell said, “What compelled me to pursue a collaboration between the NBRA and IFTS is I feel that it’s time that the fans and people recognize the officials are people too!”

“To get to walk around NYC with Andre giving out the sneakers NBA referees donated to IFTS was special,” said Zarba. “Being able to help people less fortunate was humbling.”

McDonnell will be present at the Barclays Center during the Lakers-Nets game to accept the sneakers donated by each referee working in that game. “I don’t feel that what a person does for 48 minutes can determine their character or personality,” McDonnell said. “And I don’t feel that what a person is going through when they are less fortunate can determine their character or personality.” Other NBRA referees working that night, as well as referees who are not working games on 12/18, will be donating gently used sneakers to IFTS.

Zarba, as well as each referee in the NBRA, is excited to collaborate with IFTS for the second year in a row and help less fortunate individuals in the U.S. and abroad. “It may seem like a small gesture to some, but it isn’t to the men and women I met and donated our sneakers to this summer,” said Zarba. ”I won’t forget that experience and look forward to doing more.”

IFTS is currently working on fundraising for their efforts. To donate to It’s From The Sole, and learn more about the organization, please visit their website: